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Saisei Networks designs scalable solutions for organizations of any size, from the smallest local branch office up to large carrier networks consisting of 100's of millions of subscribers. Our SDN and NFV solutions for Traffic Management and visualization scale to fit any need. Saisei delivers costs savings and worry free network operations to organizations of any size.


SDN and NFV Traffic Management, visualization and policy control

Saisei Networks products are designed to fit into customers existing infrastructure in the most seamless manner possible. Deployed in existing virtualized environments or standalone in a Saisei Networks certified network appliance, the choice is up to our customers wishes and desires.

Saisei Networks frees our customers who feel locked with non-performing vendors due to the proprietary nature of their hardware installed base.

Saisei Networks

Rapidly get to the Who, What, Where and When that is occuring on your network. Saisei Networks merges policy enforcement and threat management with Big Data information required to gain critical business intelligence about your networks. Saisei Networks puts our customers back in control of their networks and lets them focus on their main business. They will stop chasing network issues and root causes by detecting and stopping them in real-time.



Saisei Networks Continues To Attract Industries Top Talent

Dave Newman has joined Saisei Networks as Chief Operating Officer, adding more than 25 years experience to the Saisei management team. Dave joins co-Founders John Harper, Howard Kim and Bill Beckett and sees strong value in Saisei Networks technology and strategy. "I like a company that uses Intel and AMD as their VP of hardware engineering", said Dr. Dave Newman.